First I need to let you all know that I am not a Financial Advisor. However, over the years I have gained significant investing experience and now invest my own money full time. My goal is to share my personal lessons and opinions through my content in hopes that others my benefit from them. However, everything I share is meant for entertainment value only and to express my points of view.


I use YouTube as a free platform to share my thoughts and opinions as an investor on companies, stocks and market conditions.  I have been fortunate enough to gain a following of over 180,000 subscribers by providing honest research and market insights. I am not a Financial Advisor and all the views expressed on my channel are my own opinions.


I discovered my passion for researching and analyzing stocks back in 2015 and have been on a mission to become the best investor I can be ever since. Through trial and error, as well as copious amounts of time and dedication, I eventually reached a point of being able to share the mistakes and lessons I have learned with those who are on a similar mission. But again, I am not a Financial Advisor.


I began my journey into the world of business and entrepreneurship with photography. I developed my skills as a photographer throughout high school and started freelancing in my spare time shortly after.  I eventually went on to start a successful real estate media business with my brother, before starting YouTube.



I have a genuine love for business and investing. I use my personal business experience to help guide my investment choices, because I invest in businesses, not stock prices. I don't think I'll ever stop investing, and looking for new business opportunities. My goal is to continue learning and growing as a person and as an investor, as well as teach the lessons I have learned thus far on my journey. I am not a financial advisor, and everything I share is solely my opinion, and not advice.

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