Who's This Course For?

This 29 video, "one size fits all" investing course focuses on the time-tested, fundamental principles of value investing, inspired largely by Warren Buffet. I am confident that anyone who is looking to learn long term investing from scratch, or simply increase their profit earnings potential, will be fully equipped to perform their own comprehensive company analysis after studying, practicing and applying the knowledge provided in this course.

My goal has always been to help others become more financially secure by arming them with the ability think critically, logically and responsibly about the companies they are looking into, so they can make more informed and confident investing decisions.

What's In The Course?

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Lesson 1

This lesson covers everything you need to know before you start investing your money. From the basics of debt and investing to how to lower your living expenses,  invest responsibly, calculate growth, some goals to have, some beginner mistakes to watch out for and more.

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Lesson 2

Lesson 2 is all about building an understanding of the stock market. In this lesson, we go over the different types of brokers, important things to know about the market, different market cycles, investment vehicles, investment strategies, the key financial ratios I use and pay attention to, as well as the psychology you need to have to be successful in the market.

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Lesson 3

Lesson 3 is where we really build your confidence. Here we dive into the things we need to look for when buying a stock, as well as when to actually buy and sell. Later in lesson 3 we cover my own personal thoughts on diversification, growth stocks and IPO’s.

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Lesson 4

Lesson 4 is where we put everything together and dive into real world examples of analyzing businesses to make the best investment choices. Here we compare business’s fundamentals in the same sectors against each other to determine which one would suit our investment goals as well as how to make sure we get them at a good deal.